Subliminal hypnosis software

Subliminal hypnosis software is used to make subliminal messages flash on your computer screen while you work. This can be a highly effective use of a subliminal program to help you achieve your subliminal self help goals.

Generally, you will be able to modify the software settings to your desired comfort level. This may include how frequently messages flash on the screen, where they flash, and how long they stay visible. Subliminal hypnosis software does not need to be seen on a conscious level. In fact, you may find working on your computer to be too distracting if you can actually see the messages as they flash.

However, as always, the subconscious mind is picking up the signal and this is where you want to make the change. Some software will give you a "test mode" where you can see what's going on when you slow down the real-time events that the software is sending. This can let you see that you have everything the way you want it before you push the start button and forget about it.

I find that this is truly a very useful way to work with subliminal technology. When you have the software properly configured you simply no longer remember that it is running in the background. A few minutes or a few hours later you might stop and realize that "suddenly" you feel different.

My story

I have an interesting story to share about subliminal hypnosis software. One day, shortly after I got a second monitor for my computer, I started my typical program and began to work on other things. After a couple of hours it occurred to me that I didn't feel any different. Something just wasn't right.

I did some investigation into the problem and discovered that due to my computer monitor settings the software was actually running on the secondary screen and not the one that I was looking at most of the time! Because of this, my mind wasn't picking up the regularly-flashing messages the way it did when I only had one monitor. This is when I knew just how effective subliminal software really was.

One potential downside to subliminal messages software is the processing power required to run it. The application is going constantly, sending out messages, pausing, and counting until it's time to flash another one. This can really take a big bite out of your processor speed, particularly if you have an older computer. But in my experience as long as you check out the required computer specifications before purchasing you'll be just fine. Almost anybody is going to tell you what you need to run their software before you buy.

A nice feature of subliminal hypnosis software is that you can usually modify the messages that are being flashed. You should be able to see what is being put up on the screen with the program you select. You can change anything that you don't feel is quite appropriate and even add your own affirmations unique to your specific situation!

It's definitely worth checking out subliminal messaging software and see how it might work for you.

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