Subliminal downloads

Subliminal downloads are a very popular way to receive self help subliminals. Being able to download a file and begin listening to it within minutes has many advantages.

One reason is that it's not necessary to wait a week or two to receive subliminal message CDs in the mail. Even if it's the middle of the night once you decide on a topic you can have immediate access to the file.

subliminal downloads

So many people use portable audio devices these days. Once you receive your download files you can put them on your iPod or similar player almost instantaneously. Then you can listen to them anywhere!

Portable CD players are still popular, though not as common. They also require batteries. Not to mention having to carry the CDs around with you, usually in a case to protect them from scratches. When you decide to purchase subliminal downloads you don't have to worry about any of these things!

You can back up the files if you like. In fact, I recommend that you do. But instead of having a library of CDs to sift through you can just keep all of your downloads in a single folder on your computer's hard drive. This is very convenient.

You will usually receive a subliminal program as an mp3 file. This is a compressed form of an audio file that is widely used today. In fact, most portable audio devices will need your files to be in this format.

Some people may worry that the audio quality will be inferior to what you find on a CD. It's true that the uncompressed audio wav file that CDs use have the full range of audio that was recorded. This is particularly important if the original recording was digital (instead of being converted from analog like an older recording might be).

However, depending on the compression algorithm used by the company selling the subliminal downloads, typically your ear won't notice a difference. What you want to watch is to be sure that the compression used didn't clip off parts of the audio that were an important part of the technology originally used to create them. An mp3 file will usually remove the parts of the audio spectrum that the human ear can't pick up. However, the subconscious mind is a different story.

Usually, you won't need to be concerned as long as you're dealing with a reputable company. Many of them will offer a free subliminal mp3 that you can use to test its effectiveness for yourself. If you take advantage of that opportunity then you can buy your subliminal downloads with confidence!

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